Meet Amy

I’m the protagonist in the story of my business, just as you are in yours. I’ve always loved stories, ever since I was old enough to string a sentence together I’ve written stories.


At the heart of everything I do is stories. I’ve been writing them all my life and published the ‘Sheridan and Blake Adventure Series’ in my maiden name: Amy C Fitzjohn.


Stories are powerful. Stories surprise, stories intrigue, stories inspire and stories move people.


Since the dawn of time we’ve learned from each other through the medium of stories; from telling tales around a campfire to our digital world of viral videos, brilliant blogs and shareable social strategy.


Stories are the secret to success; after all, people don’t just buy people, they buy stories.

Here’s what I have to say


What clients say about me ...


“Amy is very welcoming and gave everyone space in the workshop to openly chat, there were a few light bulb moments! Oh and the cake was amazing!”

Lucie Gray


“I loved being in the group and sharing ideas and I have some food for thought for my future blogging.”

Hils Crisp


“I attended Amy's Blogging for Business workshop recently and had a wonderful experience! Amy is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about blogging and created a very friendly interactive workshop with lots of ideas on what to blog and where to get inspiration.”

Sarah Cook, SHC Social Media


"Since meeting Amy I have come on leaps and bounds with my writing, and have now finished my book that has taken me so long to put together. Amy is really inspiring and has helped me put everything together and offered me so much advice. She is great at showing you the way in business and especially talented in her writing. I'm so glad I met this very special lady. "

Hali, Truly Nourished

“Amy is a friendly and approachable character who is fun to be around and great to work with.”

Emma Smith